"What I do is create images, period."
― Frank Frazetta


SANDSCOPE is an upcoming high quality visual effects boutique studio based in Germany.
We are specialized in visual effects and motion graphics for feature films, commercials, television,
music videos, cinematics and event communication.
Over the years we earned the experience to cover a wide range of services like
the creation of photo-real content, 3D and 2D animation, motion graphics, simulations,
compositing, matte painting, previsualisation, matchmoving, rotoscopy, look development
and video editing, just to name a few.

We are passionate about creating images of the highest standards and the seamless
integration of CGI, Live-Action, Graphic-Design and also serve still image creation,
illustration and photography for print or web.

SANDSCOPE is an artist driven, highly experienced, dedicated team of talented professionals.
Dealing with various sizes of projects we can rely on a pool of well-selected freelancers,
combining innovative production techniques and talent to create extraordinary content.
Using techniques that are optimized for the job, we create highest possible images
for cinema, television, events and web.
Each project receives special attention and is always approached with the same professionalism.
Our production methods and close relationship with the client makes us push boundaries wherever possible
to deliver on time, within your budget and with exceptional service.


Visual Effects - We create and integrate photorealistic or abstract CGI Effects for cinema, television and video productions.

Motion Graphics - We produce eye-catching, high quality Motion Graphics for commercials, television, web and events.  

Compositing - We enhance your images with all manner of Compositing, Re-Touching, Color Grading, Rotoscoping and integration or removal of elements.

3D Animation - We provide classic or procedural 3D Animation to enhance your project.

2D Animation - We concept and create unique
digital 2D Animations and Motion Graphics.

Simulation - We provide complex CGI Simulations to create the desired, realistic or abstract, visual result. For example: smoke, fire, water, particles, etc.


Matchmoving - We serve Camera- and Object-Tracking of
Real Footage for visual effects integration.

Matte Painting - We create high quality, digital Set Extensions and complex Background Illustrations.

Previsualisation - We provide animated Previsualisations to generate preliminary versions of your ideas and let you preview your vision
at an early stage.

Illustration - We serve Still Image creation, Illustration and Photography for your print--, web- or event-project.

Photography & Filming - We also provide classic, analog and digital photography, aswell as filming digital Real Footage. 

Feel free to contact us for information on further services.